What Can a Mortgage Broker Do That My Bank Can’t?

General Konstantin Seroshtan 24 Aug

If you’ve had a good relationship with your bank, then it’s only natural that you will turn to them for assistance- even with your mortgage. However, your bank might not always be your solemn savior. What will you do if your bank turns away your mortgage application? Of course, you need to find new lenders. […]

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Can you get a 30-year mortgage in Canada?

General Konstantin Seroshtan 17 Aug

by Tim Bennett A mortgage is a big financial commitment, and will typically take several decades to pay off. But can you get a 30-year mortgage in Canada? Honestly, the better question is ‘when can you get a 30-year mortgage in Canada’, as well as whether it’s a good idea for you to get one. […]

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How to get a mortgage with bad credit

General Konstantin Seroshtan 10 Aug

by Jordann Brown Many Canadians encounter credit issues when life’s hurdles get in the way, whether it’s an illness, a job loss, a global pandemic, or just a lack of credit. It can take some time to get back on track, which could mean putting off the purchase of a home. Waiting may not work […]

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Things to Avoid When Buying Your First Home

General Konstantin Seroshtan 4 Aug

The idea of owning a home (a place that’s yours, where your kids can grow up and make lifelong memories) is alluring to most people. This is why buying your first home is one of the most exciting and important investments of your life. Contact me today for help starting your home buying process. Buying your first home comes with a tremendous sense of achievement. More […]

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General Konstantin Seroshtan 27 Jul

Though credit scores aren’t always an indicator of financial health, they are used in a variety of ways that could have a major impact on your life. Interest rates (including mortgage rates) are almost always determined by your credit score. Some employers & landlords may require a credit check to see if you have past […]

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Can you afford a million dollar home?

General Konstantin Seroshtan 21 Jul

$1 million used to be enough money to set you up for life, but those days are long past. In some parts of Canada, you’re lucky if $1 million will buy you a decent home, let alone fund your retirement. This couldn’t be truer in cities like Kelowna, where the average property price currently hovers around […]

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Mortgage Stress Test

General Konstantin Seroshtan 13 Jul

Buying a new home is already a stressful experience. With an introduction of a mortgage stress test for all aspiring homeowners, that has only become more so. There are several requirements to meet before a successful application, and the aspiring homeowner must be sure they will be able to meet the monthly payments before applying. […]

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Condo or house? The quick pros and cons

General Konstantin Seroshtan 6 Jul

As a first-home buyer, you have a lot of decisions to make. With your first property purchase on the horizon, there’s reason to be anxious about what property to buy, where to buy it, and whether you’re making the right decision. One of those decisions is whether you should buy a house or a condo […]

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Overlooking the closing costs

General Konstantin Seroshtan 29 Jun

One common mistake is overlooking the closing costs that need to be paid at the end of the buying process. While budgeting for your home purchase, you’ll want to have an accurate picture of the additional costs you’ll need to pay. Some of these costs may include land transfer taxes, title insurance, property appraisal fees, […]

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What is a high-ratio mortgage?

General Konstantin Seroshtan 22 Jun

by Tim Bennett In Canada, mortgages can be either high-ratio or low-ratio, and the difference matters. Having a high-ratio mortgage can make a significant impact on the overall amount of interest you’ll pay, and can cost you tens of thousands of dollars extra over the life of your mortgage. This article has everything you need […]

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